1. Use a clarifying shampoo prior to installation (Walker’s Extension Prep Shampoo is amazing). This will help remove any oils in your natural hair, which will help ensure a stronger tape hold. You can still condition your hair with a normal conditioner (no deep conditioning masks though) prior to installation. If you have trouble with Tape-Ins slipping earlier than expected, skip conditioning before installation.
  2. Creating a perfect, clean part line is extremely important. Any loose hairs or uneven part lines can prevent the tape wefts from laying flat and adhering properly.
  3. For Pre-made Seamless Tape Wefts, heat from a flat iron is not required prior to installation when they are brand new. You will need heat for re-installation (tips for this on other side).
  4. After peeling off the backing, do not touch tape when installing. If you need to touch the tape – do so very quickly and on only the tiniest section of the tape.
  5. Laying the weft on your part line or partially on your scalp/part line really helps the tape adhere better. You will also get a longer wear out of your tape wefts when they are as close to your scalp line as possible. Keep it comfortable, but these grow when your hair grows, so keeping them higher will help them stay concealed longer.
  6. Always let your natural hair immediately fall as soon as tape weft is placed. Refrain from doing multiple wefts at once. Even if shorter tape wefts will be placed on the same line next to each other, securing each weft separately, is best. Always press firmly with fingers over each weft application (after natural hair has fallen over) to set tape weft and secure placement.
  7. Wait 24-48 hours to shampoo/condition hair with sulfate-free products.
  8. Do not clip hair up in the shower during the first week.
  9. Be extremely careful and gentle when hair is wet – always.
  10. No heavy towels on head after shower, this can pull tape wefts out prematurely. Always use a heat protectant.
  11. Always use serum at ends of hair before heating/brushing/styling.
  12. Try not to brush too much (or at all) when your hair is wet.
  13. Always begin brushing at the bottom and work your way up. Always hold weft area with one hand, while brushing with the other.
  14. Blow drying your tape wefts are better than air drying. These tape wefts love to be fully dry. If you must air dry, do so after the first week.
  15. While you sleep, it is best to wear your hair loosely in a side braid. After the first week, a loose high topknot is ok too.

With proper placement and care, your Miss Flirty Seamless Wefts should last 6-10 weeks. and can be re-used!

TO REMOVE: Moderately saturate the tape wefts with a solvent like Walker’s Weft Release or Walker Solvent (same products, just different names). Wait 10-30 Seconds. Hold natural hair and the tape weft and gently wiggle the tape weft loose and free from your natural hair. It should slide off very easily. If it does not, add more solvent and try again a few seconds later. Do not wait too long to try to remove the tape wefts, because these Solvents have alcohol in them and alcohol evaporates quickly. After all tape wefts are removed, shampoo your natural hair with Walker’s Extension Prep and Residue Removing Shampoo. You may want to shampoo more than once. Then deep condition. When your natural hair is fully saturated with deep conditioner, use a tail comb while your hair is under water to comb out residue and fallen hair. Hair sheds naturally every day and tape wefts hold onto some fallen hairs over the weeks when they are installed. It is very normal to comb out some loose hairs. The longer your tape wefts have been in, and the thicker your natural hair is, the more loose hairs you will have. These hairs are NOT coming from your scalp during this, they are only fallen hairs that have been kind of…trapped! 😉 Tape ins are very safe and do not damage hair if used properly. Just be careful to only comb out residue when your hair is fully conditioned! Repeat the process of the clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner until your hair feels clean and free from all residue.

TO RE-USE: After removing the tape wefts, remove old tape on both sides ASAP. If the tape is too slippery to hold, wash wefts with a bit of hand soap or shampoo and pat dry. If the old tape is not releasing from tape wefts – aim a blow dryer with medium heat on it, as you pull tape off. The heat from the dryer helps release the tape. Be careful your fingers do not get too hot! After peeling off old tape – throw that old tape away. Shampoo and dry tape weft area (do not condition). You may however, condition the extension hair at this time, if preferred. The area where the tape was on the weft will still be sticky (even after dry). That is totally okay (the stickiness will help the new tape adhere even better). When fully dry, add new tape to both sides. Press firmly with fingers over backing after adding tape. Use a high heat flat iron (preferably over 400 degrees) on both sides of the weft. Do not slide flat iron. Just clamp in sections. 1-2 second clamps. Be sure to do both sides. Even though the flat iron reaches both sides – it is better to flip over and do again since the pressure will be focused on the top side. When tape wefts are cool, you are ready to continue with the original process. Peel off backing…and so on!